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Adolph Engel Wahrsagekarten

Created by by Adolph Engel Verlag of Berlin around 1880/1890. A 48 card deck with evocative symbols on each card. As with the other 'sigil cards' on our site, the symbols on these cards, while fascinating, don't appear to relate to any magical system.

Das Echte Wahrsage Spiel

A version of this deck was published around 1920, titled Das Echte Wahrsage Spiel. The publisher may have been G. Danner / Mühlhausen. It featured redrawn art incorporating the symbolism and sigils from Adolph Engle. 

These illustrations are used in the "Old Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards" published in the 1940s by Whitman Publishing Co., Racine/Wisc. Whitman added four cards (the Shepherd, Bear, Eye, and Lion) to bring the total number of cards up to 52, as in a playing card deck. The symbolic characters were replaced by numbers and card titles

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