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A new oracle from an old tradition.


Strictly limited to 250 decks, signed and numbered.


Cards of Fourtune

Coming soon

First published in the 1830s, these remarkable cards were the first oracle deck created in the U.S. They remain powerful and evocative to this day.

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by Denny Sargent

When writing Werewolf Magick & Werewolf Pack Magick over several years, these icons were found in ancient magickal historical sources and lore while others were channeled through werewolf trance experiences. The Werewolf Magick Icons are of course used for divination but can also be used in spellwork, as amulets and for Rituals. These other uses are explored in the Werewolf Magick books. Our wolfpack uses this oracle every full moon, I hope you will too! Other uses for each Icon will become clear to you as you do so. Be Well & Wild & Awooo!

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